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Not Your Average Cocktail

Summer is right around the corner, which means more weekends spent at the beach, more activities outdoors and more entertaining. Our belief at Amy Kimball Events is that you can transform any standard household item into something spectacular just given a bit of inspiration and effort. If you plan on entertaining in the city or the country, there are simple ways to make an evening stand out. A fruit that’s considered essential to summer is watermelon and chances are you’ll have that on hand. Why not create a watermelon, arugula and feta appetizer? Use items you typically carry in your fridge to entertain to ensure you’ll use these items once the party is over. This, too, applies to alcohol. It’s always good for a host to have both red and white wine, champagne and a variety of liquor on hand when entertaining. Take one of these standard alcoholic beverages and transform them into your guest’s new favorite drink. These specialty drinks end up being a talking point between old friends, new friends, business associates and family. People will also remember the unique drinks at your event and will try to recreate them on your own. No matter what your drink of choice is, here are a few ideas of how to put a fresh twist on a classic cocktail.

{Smoretini via How Sweet It Is}
Have any suggestions for summer cocktails? Let us know! Bottoms up!
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