What does your escort card table say about you?

Earlier we talked about how invitations or save the date cards are often the first thing your guest visually receives for your event. The escort card table is one of the first things guests see when they enter a wedding reception and therefore must make a statement about the couple’s personality and the event itself. Here are just a few different ways to approach putting together the perfect table.

Backyard Bash – using a clothespin and writing your guests names in penmanship is a rustic way to tie your event together. Use a colored patterned ribbon for a splash of color and create a shape for your choice in the paper for a little quirky fun.

Favorite features – have something in common with your significant other that you want to incorporate into your wedding? In this photo, for instance, a couple shared a love for the art of wine and wine making and chose to incorporate this passion into their escort card table. Incorporating little personality traits like this into your event goes a long way with not just clients, but their guests as well. It gives everyone a little insight into the beautiful matrimony that is being made.

Feminine Fete – white is always a great foundation to start with for your wedding. Not only is it traditional, feminine and classic, but it also provides a nice landscape to build lighting on. There’s no limit to what lighting can do with a simple color like white as it’s backdrop. If you do choose white as your color centerpiece, don’t forget to add some texture to make it pop as seen in the photo above.

Glamourous Ground – there’s making an entrance and then there’s making an entrance. We always strive for the latter and this escort card table sums it all up. A sophisticated, chic, over-the-top luxurious first reception impression, this escort card table has sequins, crystals, touches of pink and romantic lighting. Without a doubt, this presentation is inviting and something guests will remember from your event.

 {Photo via Lily Spruce}

Thinking of a more laid-back event? You can choose not to have an escort card table and use a chalk board instead. Perfect for a wedding in a backyard, estate or barn, using a chalk board and listing your guests names and their table numbers can ignite conversation. Guests see their sitting with friends or new acquaintances and it sparks dialogue.

Whatever your taste may be, let your escort card table speak for you. Have fun with designing it. You may be surprised to see what it has to say.

All photography is by Person & Killian unless otherwise noted.