Three Things We’re Loving This Week

Boston continues to pretend like it’s Los Angeles with sunshine and 70 degree temperatures and we couldn’t be happier. The power the sun has to affect our moods is quite spectacular, but that’s not the only thing keeping us smiling this week. In addition to the weather, here are three things that are currently inspiring us.

It should come as no surprise that as wedding planners we are constantly inspired by the women we work with. This incredibly fabulous jacket by Reiss was worn by our very own bride, Caroline, tossed over her shoulders when taking photos outside. The light mauve feathered jacket was the perfect color and texture to compliment her white dress.

Photos by Person & Killian

few days ago we talked about “the obvious choice” versus “the conversation starter” and this jacket is a wonderful example of the latter. All of Caroline’s bridesmaids were in stunning black fur to match their dresses as well. How fabulous?

Entertaining for St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t have a menu? Looking to get in touch with your Irish roots in other ways besides drinking Guinness and wearing green? Martha Stewart gives you 30 ideas ranting from irish soda bread, corn beef, shamrock cookies and more! And if you’re feeling crafty and want to put a personal touch on the holiday, check out these easy art projects. Here at Amy Kimball Events we believe it takes a little effort and a lot of heart to put some personal touches in your home for any given holiday, St. Patrick’s Day included. It doesn’t matter if you $5 to spend or $100; use already existing materials in your home that you may have forgotten about, those in storage and even those already existing in plain sight to create something new.

Image: DeBuzz

Last week, Apple unveiled “The New iPad” in San Francisco and we followed all of the live blogging for the event. It’s going to be impossible to witness these new products and not think of Steve Jobs’ legacy. It’s truly incredible how one person has really shaped the world we live in. He was an extremely wise man and this quote is just one of our many favorites.

Follow your heart and intuition and forget the rest.

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