The Art of Presentation

We’re not sure what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but the weather in Boston has been quite delightful lately. We’ve traded thunderous winds for warm air and spiraling snow for shimmering sun. It’s nearly halfway through March and already we’re seeing signs of Spring. The next few months will bring outfits sans coats, outside gatherings, unconventional bubbly drinks and of course delicious seasonal foods.

As designers we’re always trying to figure out how to present food and drink in a fun, unique and conversational way. When it comes to Spring and Summer months, sometimes the best way to present your food and drink should be a reflection of our mood when those warm days and cool nights roll around – refreshed and relaxed.
Photography by The Blonde Tulip. Catering by The Catered Affair.

Now that we’ve officially made you hungry, try thinking outside of the box when it comes to food presentation whether it’s at home, at the beach or at your next event. There is always an obvious choice, but choose the conversation starter.