Stationery Overload

You only get one chance to make a first impression. An expression many of us have heard before. Save the dates or invitations are the first concrete thing your guests will receive for your event and therefore it should visually do the following:1. Spark intrigue

2. Be short, sweet and to the detailed point.

3. Immediately prompt you to put the date in your iCal.

4. Overwhelm you with excitement. (this is a little out of our control)

Stationery, like the decor of your event, should be appropriate for the occasion and reflect your taste. For instance, if you’re thinking of having a more rustic wedding then you may want to try a chunkier font or even a funky cursive. You may also want a bit of texture instead of the standard card stock. If you’re having a traditionally formal wedding, you may want to stick to script and card stock. Whatever your desire or taste may be, there are always a number of options.

Save the dates, invitations, escort cards, place cards, menu cards, programs and any other signs you may need to direct your guest all require thought and a touch of personality. Without speaking, it gives you the chance to express yourself in a creative manner. Here are just a few of our favorite examples…

All photography by Person and Killian unless otherwise noted.