School's Out!

And they’re home!!  The kids are home for summer… camp hasn’t started yet, it’s weeks before you take the family vacation… what to do??  I remember around day three of summer vacation–after jumping in the sprinkler, playing with the neighbors, riding bikes, and catching fireflies–heading inside the house and saying, exasperated, “Mom, I’m BORED”.  So get ready and have a few quick answers to keep them busy, let’s go back to what our Mom’s had us do, nothing to plug in just good old-fashioned, outside, do-it-yourself fun—it worked for us.

Lemonade Stand: The preparation alone can take hours. Making the lemonade, creating the signs, making the stand and then all that selling.

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Painting Projects:  Keep the kids creative side going…. Fun art projects not only take time and focus but they are lasting mementos they’ll have of those fun summer vacations with not a worry in the world.



Chalk Drawings:  Give the kids big sidewalk chalk in various colors and encourage them to create oversized, fun, colorful drawings–then water it down and do it again!


Plant a Garden… together: No it’s not instant gratification, and it does also involve your time, but it’s fun project to do together, all that digging and dirt— daily care of watering and weeding—and then they’ll literally get enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor.


Backyard Picnic:  Grab a blanket and some of their favorite foods and a book to read for a fun backyard picnic—beats sitting at the table any day!

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