Three Things We're Loving This Week

We’re having a fantastic week in the office and we hope you are too. Here are three things we’re loving right now:

    photo credit: Cupcakes and Cashmere
If you’re not familiar with Emily Schuman, owner of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, then allow us to introduce you. Emily is a full-time blogger and fashionista, but is also in the process of writing her first book that will include some similar content featured on her blog – fashion, cooking, entertaining, etc. She’s also getting married in two months and in one of her latest posts she gives some wise advice to those currently planning their own wedding:

“The best advice I received when we first got engaged came from a dear friend who reminded me that as soon as the planning process became stressful or unenjoyable, to take a step back and regroup. There were certainly times throughout the past year that we considered eloping or just driving down to the courthouse, but in the end, I think we did a good job of truly savoring our engagement.So instead of worrying if my mascara will be waterproof enough, if we’ll have beautiful weather, or what will happen if I completely forget my vows, I’ve finally come around to the idea of letting myself be undeniably thrilled about our wedding.”

We completely agree. If her voice, fun DIY projects, beauty and perfect grammar don’t win you over, her overwhelming accessories collection will. After a week of reading, you’ll be hooked. We promise.
You’re welcome.

This create-your-own mini donut station from our friends at The Catered Affair. Bored of the been there, done that make your own sundae station? Why not donuts? Have guests take their donut on a stick and dip in their favorite toppings. How cute are these?

This quote from Ira Glass inspires us on a daily basis. For any aspiring creatives – event planner, designer or otherwise – this is for you. 

The Candy Man

Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew, cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two?
The candy station can. 

It’s safe to say that event planners emulate certain children’s movie characters – we carry around our own Mary Poppins bags – wide, infinite in depth and often the reason why many of us need to seek chiropractic assistance. There’s the Lasso of Truth (also known as a production schedule), Blasters (steamers) and Pixie Dust (ok, maybe that is an exaggeration) are all in our arsenal. Although clicking our ruby red-bottom heels three times doesn’t turn an event into a fairy tale, we, at Amy Kimball Events, have what we call the “Dream Team” otherwise known as our awesome staff who ensures every woman has her Cinderella moment. One children’s movie that we can’t help but love to incorporate into our events these days is the original candy man, Willy Wonka.

Enter the candy station – a way to give something sweet to your guests as they depart your event. If you’re planning a wedding, stick with the colors you’ve used in the reception’s decor. Buy candy in bulk and purchase vessels of various sizes and shapes to put them in. If your wedding is a winter wonderland say, stick with white – try white M&M’s, yogurt covered pretzels, raisins and almonds, white chocolate covered malt balls, clear jelly beans, white chocolate squares and throw some rock candy in for a vintage surprise.

After hours of tearing up the dancefloor, it’s likely your guests may need a snack for their journey home. Why not something sweet? Regardless of what type of event you’re planning, it’s always a nice touch to give your guests a parting gift. Scatter containers of your choice around your bar, escort card or banquet table and let your guests make their own goodie bag.

You may not find the Golden Ticket amongst the assorted candy, but you can pretend to be a kid again. Even if it’s just for the ride home…

Attention Gents – Last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas!

Hallmark. Chocolate & Flowers. Red & Pink. These are a few choice words many of us associate with February 14th. Valentine’s Day is supposedly a 24-hour period in which we express how much we love one another to significant others, friends, family members, pets and whatever else holds a prominent place in your heart. Here’s the thing, though…expressing your love shouldn’t be restricted to this day only. We, at Amy Kimball Events, challenge you to approach each day as though it were Valentine’s Day.If you are in a relationship, do keep the aforementioned statement in mind, but please fellas, don’t forget the gift. In order to pick a gift for your girlfriend, fiance, wife, please follow these simple rules:

1. LISTEN. More often than not your significant other will mention things she wants, but will forget. Remember! Not only will you present something she wanted, but you’ll also let her know that you’ve taken the time to listen.
2. WANT vs. NEED. There’s a huge difference. Your significant other may have mentioned they need a new vacuum. Today is NOT the day to present this gift. In fact, no day is a good day to present this gift. Do not under any circumstance get your loved ones household items – it doesn’t make us feel special. Always remember to give them something they want versus something they need.
3. THOUGHTFULNESS. Emails. Texts. BBM. Skype. Facetime. When it comes to communicating these days, it’s easy to get lazy. Don’t underestimate the importance of a card. Take the time to write out a thoughtful note on a handmade card. The note can be brief, but make the words count.

If you’re shopping last minute and still clueless, here are a few things the jetsetting gals at Amy Kimball Events are loving right now:

Alexander Wang Prism IPad Case at Net-a-porter
Prada Business Card Holder at Prada
Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Satin Knot Clutch at Net-a-Porter
Emilio Pucci Python Passport Cover at Net-A-Porter
Roberto Coin Tiny Diamond Heart Necklace at Nordstrom

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Share with us in the comment section below!

Why We Travel

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. AugustineThe importance of travel is something that simply cannot be told, but shown. From the vast green landscape in the Irish countryside to the seemingly infinite Manhattan skyscrapers – we draw inspiration from everywhere. As important as local business is, what can give you an edge as a producer is to integrate other cultures into that local business. If you’re not able to travel for business then travel for pleasure. It will make you a better boss, employee, designer, etc., to experience the way others live.

Recently, my team had the privilege of producing a wedding in Lagarde Fieumarcon France. Below are some photos from the enchanting weekend:

The times in which we are most self-aware are when we are faced with an obstacle. Obstacles are challenges and challenges are meant to be conquered. You may find in the mountaintops of Prata Sannita – in a country where you do not speak the native language and are forced to find other means to communicate – exactly who you are and what you’re capable of.

Travel. Trust us – you’ll find something wonderful in the landscape. And in yourself.

Let There Be Light

Putting on your favorite pair of heels can give you that extra pep in your step at work. Candles can have that same effect at home. As all event planners know, the way to achieve great success is in the details of your event – planning, design and otherwise. Going that extra step to ensure a prompt timeline, adding that extra votive for visual aesthetics and just accommodating guests in any way possible are all ways to ensure your event is a success. Paying attention to detail is everything in our business, but it shouldn’t just stop there. Take that attention to detail you put in at work and use it in your home. Your home, after all, is a reflection of your personality and a place you should be proud of. 

Candles are, perhaps, the easiest way to add a little detail to an end table, dining room table, bathroom or bedroom. Here are a few suggestions:BATHROOM –

When putting together a candle arrangement, the holders themselves should vary in height. Find an extra half-hour in your day to immerse yourself in bubbles and surround yourself with flickering candlelight in that luxurious bathtub you almost never use. Take pillar candle holders (in various sizes) and ivory pillar candles (in various sizes) and scatter them at the ends of the bathtub.
Glass Pillar Plate Rustic Pillar Candleholders Escalier Pillar Candleholders Round Pillar CandlesDINING ROOM – The simplest way to make your table look like a work of art is to add seasonal flowers and candles. Remember to still vary in height, but be careful not to have the vessels be too tall as you’ll want guests to be able to see one another. Here is an example from a little something we’re working on:

LIVING ROOM – Think about the times you’ve felt most calm. I wouldn’t be surprised if you said by the ocean, sea or lake. The sound of waves crashing or water rushing through a stream is used often in spas for a reason – it’s relaxing. Why not try to recreate the calmness you feel sitting by the ocean in your home? Try using vessels (in various sizes of course) filled with water and with floating candles. Add the heads of your favorite seasonal flower in there as well. Sure, the water may not be three shades of crystal blue, but the presence of water alone does the trick.

Floating candles Footed Glass HurricaneTHE VOTIVE – The votive candle may be the most used candle – but there’s a reason for it – it’s versatile. Votives add a little of whatever you want more of – just want more light? Try these

votive holders in various shapes. Scatter them on your end table, in your bathroom or bedroom, or anywhere you might just need that little extra light. Looking for a way to incorporate those antiques you purchased? Try these antique silver glass cubes and pair them with antique silver glass cylinders. 

SETTING THE MOOD – We, at Amy Kimball Events, could literally go on for days about lighting, but the truth is YOU are the one setting the tone for your event and everyday life and therefore you are the brightest light in the room. The aforementioned tips are just some ways to pay attention to the little things, which in turn, brings out the absolute best in you each day. Whether it’s those heels that put the pep in your step or taking the time to relax in a room full of candles – put in that extra effort and light up the room. Beauty is in the details.

The Princess and the Storyteller

Here’s the thing about ideas: they never travel solo. Often times after getting to know a client and figuring out what their fairytale wedding looks like, we have multiple ideas for the given event. These ideas translate to “stories” during the design presentation phase of planning. It is here that we give clients many different options for anything design related such as color schemes, floral arrangements, lighting and linens among other things. 

All of these elements should have a personal tie to the bride, groom or their guests. Many times these personal elements are also combined with tradition and trend. A trend we’ve embraced here, at Amy Kimball Events, is femininity with a modern twist. A wedding in itself is romantic, but romanticism is often reflected in the design as well, depending on your client’s tastes of course. Every woman at some point in her life has considered herself a princess and the day that persona becomes a reality is their wedding day. And therefore, the design should be fit for royalty no matter what your budget.
The photo depicted above is a little something we’re currently working on and an example of how to incorporate femininity. While the baroque linen adds a modern touch, the assorted pink floral arrangement brings a feminine feel to the table. Another way to add romance is with lighting. Candles are an inexpensive way to add to add a dash of drama and oodles of opulence.
Whether you’re an aspiring designer or bride-to-be, embrace the the chaos currently inside your head. Create your own storyboard to calculate ideas and costs. Eventually, there’ll be an app for that, but for now you can just settle for some good old sketches. 

Designing on a Dime

Glamour. Let’s face it – we all need it more in our everyday lives.

We know what you’re thinking, I don’t have the time, patience or money to add yet another task to my day, but here’s the thing – adding glamour to your day shouldn’t take too much time, preparation or money. In fact, the concept of glamour itself is merely in the details. If you’re having a dinner party, for example, give your dining room table a face lift with a variety of candles and vessels, add a pop of color of your choice or use place cards with a symbol that represents each guest for a personal touch.

Amy Kimball chats with NECN’s Steve Aveson to divulge more secrets on how to design on a dime here:

It’s a new year, and although some things carry over from the previous, like the lingering regret of those extra helpings, it’s a chance for a fresh start. We, at Amy Kimball Events, challenge you to make your New Years resolution to be glamorous in some small way. Every day. What do you say?