Summer Solstice

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Finally… the LONGEST day of the year is upon us.  Here in the Northeast we have not had our fair share of sunshine recently so we will be rejoicing if our Summer Solstice is Sunny!  We’re going to plan it that way, so here are a few ideas to make the most of the day on June 21, 2013

Take a walk—you’ll have until almost 8:30pm to enjoy the sun shining.

Host cocktails on your deck and try out a fun new Solstice cocktail.

Hit golf balls—go enjoy the driving range or if you leave work early enough you may even be able to fit in 9 holes!

Take the kids for a picnic dinner on the beach, perfect time of day and don’t have to worry too much about sunburns after 6pm.

Here at Amy Kimball Events we may try to do all the above. Enjoy!

Easter in Early Spring!


Apparently it’s officially Spring but us here in the Northeast are having a hard time believing that… and as we continue to dig out from the “Spring” snow Easter is arriving early this year. Our Easter brunches will be held inside this year so we want to make sure our bright and cheery centerpieces bring a smile our guests faces…  but no matter where you are located you can still bring in those bright flowers, have fun with multi-colored jelly beans and make the most of those cute little Peeps.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Remember when elementary school days where, like clockwork, every February 14, everyone handed out Valentine’s Day cards with movie characters on them or traded tiny candy hearts with sayings like ‘Be Mine’ and ‘I’m Yours?’ Such simple gestures mustered such grand excitement! Flowers and chocolate may have replaced the card and the candy hearts of our formative years, but why not bring it back to evoke nostalgia? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite (and cutest we might add) cards that don’t cost more than those candy hearts and boxes of cards that you can create on your own! Make small modifications to the instructions to mold your card to your personality and that of your recipient. Fill them with love and send them off to the ones you care about most. Just don’t forget to do this more than just on February 14 🙂

Happy crafting and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

{Pop-Up Cards}

{Folded Cards}

{Doily Envelopes}

{Heart Seals}

{Paper Heart Wrappings}

{Accordion Valentine} 

 {Playing Card Valentines}

 All images via Martha Stewart

What does your escort card table say about you?

Earlier we talked about how invitations or save the date cards are often the first thing your guest visually receives for your event. The escort card table is one of the first things guests see when they enter a wedding reception and therefore must make a statement about the couple’s personality and the event itself. Here are just a few different ways to approach putting together the perfect table.

Backyard Bash – using a clothespin and writing your guests names in penmanship is a rustic way to tie your event together. Use a colored patterned ribbon for a splash of color and create a shape for your choice in the paper for a little quirky fun.

Favorite features – have something in common with your significant other that you want to incorporate into your wedding? In this photo, for instance, a couple shared a love for the art of wine and wine making and chose to incorporate this passion into their escort card table. Incorporating little personality traits like this into your event goes a long way with not just clients, but their guests as well. It gives everyone a little insight into the beautiful matrimony that is being made.

Feminine Fete – white is always a great foundation to start with for your wedding. Not only is it traditional, feminine and classic, but it also provides a nice landscape to build lighting on. There’s no limit to what lighting can do with a simple color like white as it’s backdrop. If you do choose white as your color centerpiece, don’t forget to add some texture to make it pop as seen in the photo above.

Glamourous Ground – there’s making an entrance and then there’s making an entrance. We always strive for the latter and this escort card table sums it all up. A sophisticated, chic, over-the-top luxurious first reception impression, this escort card table has sequins, crystals, touches of pink and romantic lighting. Without a doubt, this presentation is inviting and something guests will remember from your event.

 {Photo via Lily Spruce}

Thinking of a more laid-back event? You can choose not to have an escort card table and use a chalk board instead. Perfect for a wedding in a backyard, estate or barn, using a chalk board and listing your guests names and their table numbers can ignite conversation. Guests see their sitting with friends or new acquaintances and it sparks dialogue.

Whatever your taste may be, let your escort card table speak for you. Have fun with designing it. You may be surprised to see what it has to say.

All photography is by Person & Killian unless otherwise noted.

Three Things We're Loving This Week

Another holiday weekend is upon us – a time to be with family members, give thanks and entertain guests. It’s also a time for all of us to recharge without our beloved Blackberry, iPad or laptop! There’s no better time to recharge than with friends and family around the holidays. Tradition plays such a big role during the holidays and this allows us to reflect back and see how far we’ve come throughout the years. This weekend, we challenge you to completely recharge and celebrate your life with the people in it! In addition to the excitement of Easter and Passover coming up, here are three things we are loving this week (and hope you are too)!

Image via Martha Stewart
1. The ever-so-crafty folks at Martha Stewart always bring some quick, easy and fun recipe and decoration ideas for the holidays. Candy nests, marbleized eggs, eggshell votives among others are featured here. Plus, many of these items can be created with a lot of household items. No muss, no fuss, these decorations for Easter and recipes for Passover are sure to win over even your pickiest guests.
Image via Country Living

2. Spring is in the air and nothing says spring quite like flowers blooming. Inspired by bright colors and flowers, Country Living has a few crafty ideas to get you in the mood for spring. Floral lampshades, DIY vases, rose napkin rings and flower cookies are just a few things to make your house, condo or apartment spring-ready. Rustic, feminine and full of personality these simple crafts will brighten up any room.

Image via
3. There is no question Oprah is a huge part of American culture and a large influence of women in the media. Always inspirational, selfless and wise, she is an ideal role model for women in business everywhere. Remember to be thankful for what you have each and every day. If you want a different life, all you need to do is change the way you look at it.
From all of us here at Amy Kimball Events, have a wonderful weekend a very happy holiday!

Stationery Overload

You only get one chance to make a first impression. An expression many of us have heard before. Save the dates or invitations are the first concrete thing your guests will receive for your event and therefore it should visually do the following:1. Spark intrigue

2. Be short, sweet and to the detailed point.

3. Immediately prompt you to put the date in your iCal.

4. Overwhelm you with excitement. (this is a little out of our control)

Stationery, like the decor of your event, should be appropriate for the occasion and reflect your taste. For instance, if you’re thinking of having a more rustic wedding then you may want to try a chunkier font or even a funky cursive. You may also want a bit of texture instead of the standard card stock. If you’re having a traditionally formal wedding, you may want to stick to script and card stock. Whatever your desire or taste may be, there are always a number of options.

Save the dates, invitations, escort cards, place cards, menu cards, programs and any other signs you may need to direct your guest all require thought and a touch of personality. Without speaking, it gives you the chance to express yourself in a creative manner. Here are just a few of our favorite examples…

All photography by Person and Killian unless otherwise noted.

Three Things We’re Loving This Week

Boston continues to pretend like it’s Los Angeles with sunshine and 70 degree temperatures and we couldn’t be happier. The power the sun has to affect our moods is quite spectacular, but that’s not the only thing keeping us smiling this week. In addition to the weather, here are three things that are currently inspiring us.

It should come as no surprise that as wedding planners we are constantly inspired by the women we work with. This incredibly fabulous jacket by Reiss was worn by our very own bride, Caroline, tossed over her shoulders when taking photos outside. The light mauve feathered jacket was the perfect color and texture to compliment her white dress.

Photos by Person & Killian

few days ago we talked about “the obvious choice” versus “the conversation starter” and this jacket is a wonderful example of the latter. All of Caroline’s bridesmaids were in stunning black fur to match their dresses as well. How fabulous?

Entertaining for St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t have a menu? Looking to get in touch with your Irish roots in other ways besides drinking Guinness and wearing green? Martha Stewart gives you 30 ideas ranting from irish soda bread, corn beef, shamrock cookies and more! And if you’re feeling crafty and want to put a personal touch on the holiday, check out these easy art projects. Here at Amy Kimball Events we believe it takes a little effort and a lot of heart to put some personal touches in your home for any given holiday, St. Patrick’s Day included. It doesn’t matter if you $5 to spend or $100; use already existing materials in your home that you may have forgotten about, those in storage and even those already existing in plain sight to create something new.

Image: DeBuzz

Last week, Apple unveiled “The New iPad” in San Francisco and we followed all of the live blogging for the event. It’s going to be impossible to witness these new products and not think of Steve Jobs’ legacy. It’s truly incredible how one person has really shaped the world we live in. He was an extremely wise man and this quote is just one of our many favorites.

Follow your heart and intuition and forget the rest.

What’s inspiring you this week? Tweet us or post on our Facebook wall and let us know!

The Art of Presentation

We’re not sure what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but the weather in Boston has been quite delightful lately. We’ve traded thunderous winds for warm air and spiraling snow for shimmering sun. It’s nearly halfway through March and already we’re seeing signs of Spring. The next few months will bring outfits sans coats, outside gatherings, unconventional bubbly drinks and of course delicious seasonal foods.

As designers we’re always trying to figure out how to present food and drink in a fun, unique and conversational way. When it comes to Spring and Summer months, sometimes the best way to present your food and drink should be a reflection of our mood when those warm days and cool nights roll around – refreshed and relaxed.
Photography by The Blonde Tulip. Catering by The Catered Affair.

Now that we’ve officially made you hungry, try thinking outside of the box when it comes to food presentation whether it’s at home, at the beach or at your next event. There is always an obvious choice, but choose the conversation starter.

A Woman's Right to Shoes

We’ve all seen the episode; Carrie’s Manolo Blahnik’s mysteriously go missing at a friend’s party after she is forced to take off her shoes upon entry. Carrie’s friend, Kyra, “shoe-shames” her by stating that the shoes are much too extravagant and only offers to reimburse her for a little less than half of the cost. Carrie figures out that she’s spent close to $2300 to celebrate Kyra’s marriage and children, but yet she hasn’t received a gift to celebrate her since graduation. So she takes a stand for single womankind, registers herself at Manolo Blahnik and eventually Kyra buys her a new pair. The episode ends with a typical Bradshaw inspirational conclusion:

“The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”

Perhaps, then Ms. Bradshaw, the most special shoe is the one you that brings you from your past-single life to your future married one. Your wedding planning is full of important decisions, but which pair of shoes you’ll wear is a without a doubt a fun one. Sure, we see silver, ivory and rhinestone encrusted pairs, but we also see flip-flops, bright colors, glitter and if you’re a Father of the Bride fan, the occasional sequin-laced sneaker. Take a peak at the photos below to see what our brides are sporting down the aisle.

Photography by Person & Killian
Photography by Person & Killian
Photography by Gigi De Manio

So go on, declare your right to shoes. Whether you want to be comfortable in flats or glamming it up in bedazzled heels – it’s YOUR day and it should be as perfect as possible. Every woman at one point or another wants to walk in a bride’s shoes. But if you so desire, you can even walk in a married Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes. No, really, you can. See below for some of the latest pairs from the runway an about-to-be married gal can walk in on their own white runway. 

Manolo Blahnik ‘Something Blue’ Satin Pump at Bergdorf Goodman

Jimmy Choo ‘Nova’ Slingback Pump at Neiman Marcus

Jimmy Choo ‘Salt’ Platform at Nordstrom

‘Slim Crystal Bow’ Flip Flop at Havaianas

Three Things We're Loving This Week

Gywneth Paltrow and Tom Ford. Now, that folks is a GREAT marriage. Just the two of them in the same sentence is enough to make your jaw drop. This dress is not helping our post-Oscar haze this week, but we’re not complaining. Classic white isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the seemingly trendsetting pieces we’re used to seeing on the red carpet. The color white, while classic, may appear safe. Don’t get us wrong, we love immersing ourselves in the latest trends, products and services, but once in a while the “freshest” thing is to just bring it back to the basics and add your own twist. Hats off to you Gwen for doing just that.

(photography by Person & Killian)

Our friends at Tantawan Bloom helped us take over the iconic venue that is The Plaza in New York City for a night. Feminine, rich and undeniably classic, these flowers compliment the quintessential old New York venue. For more designs from Golf and his team at Tantawan, check out their extremely informative and utterly inspiring blog.

(image via 10connection)

The essential aspect of anything really is not being afraid to fail. Believe in yourself. Know that you can do anything you put your mind, heart and soul into. Be a go-getter. And most importantly, be fearless. The best chance you can take in life is one on yourself so face your fears, put on your armor and go to bat. The outcome will be worth the battle.