DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Remember when elementary school days where, like clockwork, every February 14, everyone handed out Valentine’s Day cards with movie characters on them or traded tiny candy hearts with sayings like ‘Be Mine’ and ‘I’m Yours?’ Such simple gestures mustered such grand excitement! Flowers and chocolate may have replaced the card and the candy hearts of our formative years, but why not bring it back to evoke nostalgia? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite (and cutest we might add) cards that don’t cost more than those candy hearts and boxes of cards that you can create on your own! Make small modifications to the instructions to mold your card to your personality and that of your recipient. Fill them with love and send them off to the ones you care about most. Just don’t forget to do this more than just on February 14 🙂

Happy crafting and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

{Pop-Up Cards}

{Folded Cards}

{Doily Envelopes}

{Heart Seals}

{Paper Heart Wrappings}

{Accordion Valentine} 

 {Playing Card Valentines}

 All images via Martha Stewart